Toll Group in Solomon Islands

We provide all the logistics support our customers need to ensure their projects in the Solomon Islands run smoothly from concept to completion.

Toll has been delivering complete logistics solutions for customers in the Solomon Islands since 2003. Our team in Honiara is backed by Toll’s global network and resources, enabling us to provide comprehensive logistics solutions that connect the Solomon Islands with the world.

We’re highly experienced in providing logistics support to a broad range of customers operating in the Solomon Islands, from mining companies and financial institutions to government missions and non-government organisations (NGOs).  As a result, we have a comprehensive understanding of the local environment, infrastructure and requirements.

Our services include end-to-end remote supply chain management and freight forwarding. We also offer engineering, construction and project services with experienced professionals who know and understand how to do business in the Solomon Islands. And we provide full support for our customers’ staff on the ground – everything from catering to facilities management.

So if you’re seeking logistics support in the Solomon Islands, talk to us.

Services we offer in the Solomon Islands include:

  • Remote Logistics services including catering, accommodation, fleet management and IT, communications and administration support
  • Remote Supply Chain Management including procurement, customs clearance and warehousing
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Camp & Base Support Services including Camp Construction and Camp Management
  • Engineering, construction and project services
  • Rotary wing support

Our history in the Solomon Islands

We’ve been providing integrated logistics support to the Australian Government in the Solomon Islands since 2003, when the Australian Federal Police and Australian Defence Force joined other Pacific nations to form the Regional Assistance Mission in the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) to support the Solomon Islands Government in re-establishing law and order. We’ve been providing comprehensive camp support services since that time, including garrison support, catering, land, air and sea transportation and full medical services. We also provide helicopter support services including night vision operations, aero-medical evacuations, search and rescue services and more.

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