A single location for sending and receiving mail and parcels

PostNL opens 3.7 million online post offices

13 March 2015

Now, PostNL customers can arrange every aspect of their mail and parcel post from a single location: the new and improved website and the PostNL app. At these digital locations, they can arrange to receive a parcel, have the parcel delivered at a different time after the initial delivery attempt. They can also make arrangements to send parcels and mail.

3.7 million online post offices

PostNL sees that consumers are arranging more and more aspects of their lives online, and is responding accordingly. The processes of shipping and sending mail and parcels have been combined. This makes it possible for customers to handle all their postal business wherever and whenever they like via computer, tablet or smartphone. Now customers have their own online post office.

Clearly structured and efficient

Customers can use the new PostNL web app to prepare online to send their letter or parcel. The customer puts a printed parcel or mail stamp on his parcel or letter. Then he presents the shipment at one of the many PostNL post offices and parcel points nearby. Preparing online saves time, it saves money, and it is clearer. The sender and the recipient can both track the shipment in the ‘En route’ overview. If the recipient misses the initial delivery, he can have his order sent to a PostNL post office or parcel point at a time he chooses.

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