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  • che

    RA753151528BE..a family send me a parcel and that’s the tracking number…will u help me please ..its been 2 months and a half . and stilly parcel didn’t arrive ..thanks…

    • Leo

      Che. Sorry for reply later. Your package tracking is still pending. We suggest you contact your local officer.

  • che

    Its from Bpost by the way…..

  • Jay Smith

    annoyingly its been “at export hub” for over 6 days.. and there still no sign of it being sent to the UK

    • Leo

      Jay. We need a Belgium Post tracking number to track your package.

  • Marek Mlynarčík

    2016-01-10 13:00
    Arrival at export hub: BLVS13763600003798. Til today have no response. (delivery to Slovakia)

    • Leo

      Hi Marek,
      Sorry for reply later. If your Belgium Post Tracking trace is not update, we suggest your local carrier office next time.

  • Jen


    My package has supposedly left belgium for country of destination, Canada, on jan.21. It has yet to be recieved here, well there is no info if it has at least.

    Has it left Belgium or is it coming by boat? Seems that way.

    • Leo

      Hi Jen,

      Sorry for reply later. Here is your last record with your Belgium Post Tracking number.

      Jan 21, 2016 10:20 pm

      Départ du bureau d’échange

      Belgium Post will change the carrier when arrive another country which can not track.

  • Chris

    My tracking number, EE101305443BE
    Since 22/3 10am, the status is still saying Item information registered manually.
    And I am using world express pro.
    What is wrong here?
    I am so regret that I didnt use DHL or other carriers.

    • Leo

      Hi Chris,
      Your package’s last status is Delivered with your Belgium Post Tracking #.

      • Chris

        Yes, received

  • Arghya Boxi

    My tracking number is LVS1376360000165759. Can you please check when it will be deliver

    • Leo

      Hi Arghya,
      Your package is In Transit. Please check again later. Other while, you’d better contact

      Belgium Post custom center.

      • Arghya Boxi

        Thanks .what does in transit means .how to contact customer centrer

        • Leo

          In transit means your package is still on the way. You can contact Belgium by this

  • aman deep


    My Tracking number LVS1376360000130354 says delivered to the destination country on June 7th but there is no update after that.
    When can i expect the delivery of the same ??

    • Leo

      Hi Aman,
      When your package has been delivered to the destination country, you can’t get update trace record. Because your package will be delivered by another carrier.

  • marius

    Hi! I have a package with this tracking no ( LJ516405293US ) that seems stuck in Belgium.It appears more than two months ago in Belgium. When I click the link to contact the post it tells me I’m not authorized to do that.

    • Leo

      Hi Marius,
      We can’t help you on this problem. You’d better contact your package sender for help.

  • Awa T

    Hello my tracking number is
    Barcode number: BLVS1377192000031213 and it seems like my package is stuck at the export hub, but I need it pretty soon..any help ? thanks

    • Leo

      Hi Awa,
      Your package has been Arrival at facilities. We suggest you contact Belgium Custom center for more help.

      • Awa T

        Hello, I can’t find their right number, can you help ? thanks

        • Leo

          Hi there,
          You can get the contact number on your waybill.

  • Amy Johnson

    BUBBE0100782296YQ this is one i was given but it doesnt work with anything and i checked all buyers recieved there items but is this a fake tracking code as it just wont work :/ they said its coming with Belgium post from China the site they said i could track it on cant even find it and it was sent out around 5 days ago :/

    • Leo

      Hi Amy,
      Your package is still IN TRANSIT. Here is your package’s last status:
      Oct 27, 2016
      Departure from office of exchange.

      We also suggest you contact Belgium Post customer center for more help.

  • morgane dutreix

    My tracking number is LVS2016933380184951N1 I need my pack in emergency for tomorrow is there anything I can do to have it faster ?

    • Leo

      Hi morgane dutreix,
      Sorry for reply later. No, you can’t. Because the package is IN TRANSIT.