Commemorative stamp issue: “The 25th Anniversary of the Promulgation of the Basic Law”

18 March 2015 – Hongkong Post today (March 18) announced that a set of commemorative stamps on the theme of “The 25th Anniversary of the Promulgation of the Basic Law” will be released for sale with associated philatelic products on April 2 (Thursday).

Adopted on April 4, 1990, by the Seventh National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China and implemented on July 1, 1997, the Basic Law is the constitutional document of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). The Basic Law enshrines, in the form of law, the principle of “one country, two systems”, “Hong Kong people administering Hong Kong” and a high degree of autonomy, and prescribes the systems to be practised in the HKSAR. April 4, 2015, marks the 25th anniversary of the promulgation of the Basic Law. Hongkong Post is issuing a set of commemorative stamps to mark this important milestone.

The set comprises four stamps with illustrations showing different aspects of the HKSAR upon the implementation of the Basic Law as well as the close ties between the HKSAR and the Motherland. The souvenir sheet features a cartoon map of Hong Kong in the background, with the four stamps being plated in different parts of the map to illustrate that the Basic Law has laid a solid foundation for the stability and prosperity of the HKSAR with safeguards for each and every aspect.


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