DPD Same-day delivery for high-street retailers

Same-day delivery for high-street retailers: DPD Germany, tiramizoo and poe present innovative check-out integration

Integration with the poe cash register system enables convenient implementation of orders for same-day shipping

  • Omni-channel made easy: for use by both retail-outlet customers and online shoppers
  • Integration of further DPD services with the poe cash register systems is in preparation

Aschaffenburg, 22 February 2016 – It has now become even easier for bricks-and-mortar retailers to offer same-day deliveries – thanks to a cooperation which is unique within the industry and features DPD Germany, the same-day delivery specialist tiramizoo and the cash register expert poe®. Orders for same-day shipping can now be directly placed with the POSMAN cash register systems, or with poe’s TRADEMAN merchandise management system. As a result, retailers can quickly and conveniently offer their customers delivery on the same day. If necessary, retail multiples can make an immediate check on stocks at their other branches, so that goods which are not available at one location can simply be delivered to the customer’s home by courier. Even bulky goods can conveniently be delivered to the home, enabling customers to continue their shopping trip without fuss or worry. The delivery service is implemented by tiramizoo, the Munich same-day delivery experts in which DPD is a major investor.

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