DPD Slovenia extends its Pickup network to gas station

DPD Slovenia gets closer to its customers

Ljubljana, 04/ 04/ 2016; 2015 was an important year for DPD Slovenia in many respects. It saw the completion of many projects with a significant impact on developments within the company. One of the most important projects was the partnership agreement with Petrol d.d. which was signed at the end of last year and implemented in the first quarter of this year.

A variety of reasons often mean that the customer is not at home or at the designated delivery location at the delivery time. DPD Slovenia constantly strives to find solutions that make receiving and sending parcels easier for customers. That is why they joined forces with Petrol d.d. signing a partnership agreement. Everything is running smoothly thanks to the strictly defined processes. DPD Slovenia now also uses Petrol’s service stations around Slovenia for delivery collections.

Even though the partnership is in its early days, employees of both Petrol d.d and DPD Slovenia have quickly adopted the new system, ensuring that the service runs seamlessly on a daily basis. More and more parcels are being collected from Petrol’s service stations every day. Customers have quickly adjusted to this type of delivery and make good use of it.

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