DPD wins 2015 Czech Business Superbrands

13 February 2015 – A committee of experts has honored DPD CZ, a transport company, with its Business Superbrands Award. DPD CZ is now ranked in the elite among the leading brands in the Czech market, serving as an example of successful development and dynamic brand image improvement.

The Business Superbrands Award, based on business results and the opinions of expert judges, is proof of positive feedback and strong awareness of its brand for the company. Brands are nominated for this award based on technical criteria, so companies cannot seek nomination themselves. The decision about who receives the Business Superbrands Award is made by the Business Brand Council, a group composed of experts with many years of brand marketing experience, representatives of professional organizations, top designers and prominent experts in brand evaluation, from nominations submitted to it on the basis of business results. “We are delighted to have won the Business Superbrands Award and are committed in the future to continue developing and improving our services,” said Daniel Mares, CEO of DPD CZ, adding: “I hope that our customers will benefit from this prestigious award as an indicator of quality, helping them when they choose a transport company.”

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