Estes Express Lines Announces General Rate Increase

Over the last 83 years at Estes, we’ve learned that the best way to assure you of continued excellence is to practice fiscal discipline and carefully balance costs and income. That’s why—given increased costs that are outpacing the slow economic recovery in 2014—we find it necessary to implement a price increase on our current EXLA 500 and 550 base rates averaging 4.5% effective April 14, 2014.

The decision to take an increase was made only after careful evaluation of the current fiscal environment. Technology changes for important functionality are no longer optional, and new, more expensive equipment is required to keep fleets both safe and reliable. The current driver shortage creates an ongoing need to invest more in hiring and retaining qualified drivers to keep up our reliable service. And the newest hours of service rules continue to negatively affect productivity.

The general rate increase we’re implementing will offset some of the higher costs we’re experiencing and help us finalize our plans for maintaining the reliable service you count on every day. So you can also plan ahead, updated rates for the EXLA 500 or 550 base rates will be available for download from the PC Rater Download page here on our website beginning April 7, 2014.


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