GDEX Philosophy

GD Express management philosophy starts with people – ourselves, and ends with people – our customers. Our core values revolve around people, emphasizing on respecting, developing and caring for our staff and network members. Correspondingly, our people are expected to be pro-active, professional, honest, improvement seeking and problem solving. We believe that only people with such qualities can perform with integrity to deliver a cost effective, speedy and reliable express carrier service.

We are committed to fulfilling the management principles laid down when we review, modify or reconstruct our organization structure, operating systems, administrative functions, financial management, internal controls and marketing strategies. We ensure every action in the company has to be objective oriented and accountable, while every member is remunerated according to performance. To reflect a pragmatic and consistent management philosophy, we also ensure that our After Action Review protocol be followed in all major strategic manoeuvres, process changes and system changes.

While people are the subject of our core values systems, these values have to be protected and preserved above all. Putting in place corporate governance ensures that operations will be conducted properly, that check and balance must function to govern every person in the organization, including the most senior. Only when this is in place can GD Express becomes a truly reputable logistics-based institution.

Adopting the core values and management principles when modifying or building the systems is a long and never-ending process. While this is in progress, the management continues to implement quick measures in dealing with immediate operational issues. At GD Express, it is understood that every member, including the Managing Director, must be hands-on. Managers go down to the floor and work alongside the clerical and delivery staff, learning, guiding and solving problems along the way, and treating each other with care and respect. The reciprocal commitment between our staff andmanagement is the foundation of the commitment to our customers.

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