Japan Post Domestic Mail Service Yu-Pack

What is Yu-Pack?

Yu-Pack is a domestic mail service, sending different types of parcels all over Japan. There are many discounts provided. Please check at our offices.

Below are the varieties we offer.

Normal Yu-Pack

Send parcels which its size is no greater than 30kg, and smaller than 1.7m in 3 dimension total. Please use the Yu-Pack label which you can get at our offices.

Yu-Pack for Refrigerated Goods

Service for parcels that should be kept between 0℃~5℃.

The Price is usual Yu-pack, added with the refrigeration cost.

Yu-Pack for Golf/Ski

Service that will send your Golf gears and/or Ski gears until the day before you arrive at the hotel.

Yu-Pack for Airport

Send your luggage to the airport, so that you don’t have to carry the heavy load!

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