JCEX Cross-border Service Introduction

A good international logistics Limited by Share Ltd to provide professional import and export tax refund to customers one-stop customs clearance service, and has a wealth of import and export operation experience, enterprise data and customer service service in most parts of the country, is equipped with perfect service team, can achieve one of the professional follow-up service. At present, a good international in Hongkong, Japan, Australia, the United States, Britain, Germany and other global hub port city to set up a number of overseas distribution center, committed to cross-border warehouse with integrated service network to build global coverage.

Jiacheng international logistics Limited by Share Ltd, with Zhejiang products, electricity supplier cooperation operations Hangzhou Xiasha cross-border bonded warehouse, is the import and export electricity supplier using the stocking model import and export customs supervision warehouse. A good international high risk control can make full use of their own advantages, for domestic and foreign enterprises in cross-border electricity supplier business, based on the concept of supply chain management to provide one-stop customs clearance, warehousing, distribution and other more modern bonded logistics service, to import and export cargo escort.

A good international bonded warehouse can provide operational services including: bonded cross-border agreements, distribution management, warehouse management, order management, system services, docking system, system debugging, domestic airport port customs clearance service, enterprise registration etc.. In addition, a good international cross-border financial positions can also be the arrival of loaning of financial services, with the financial supply chain function.