LBC—moving lives with messages of love

Sun, Mar 1st, 2015 – Top sea & air cargo service provider connects OFWs with their loved ones in the Philippines with more than just a box of padala

LBC Express lives up anew to its promise as it concluded a special promo giving nine lucky customers to send more than just a box of padala to their loved ones in the Philippines.

Every time a Filipino sends a box of goods to their family or friends back home, he is sending more than just expensive new shoes or tons of chocolates. Those cargo boxes are the result of OFW sweat and tears, hence LBC Express guarantees each shipper a speedy, secure delivery of their padala to the Philippines. But LBC continues to do more than just that for their loyal OFW customers.

In its most recent promo, LBC asked box shippers to write a message on a postcard that would be sent to the box recipient along with their cargo. Nine cards were finally chosen and each winning card received a box of groceries for both its sender and recipient in the Philippines, shipped via air cargo free of charge.


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