NinjaVan’s new service Ninja Collect lets you pick up your ecommerce parcels yourself

Dec 8, 2015 – That’s it, people, we’ve come full circle with ecommerce. Having everything delivered to our door used to be this tremendous convenience – why go anywhere to shop when someone could show up at home with anything we wished for? But as we gradually move more and more of our purchases online, actually being at home to receive everything gets less and less realistic.

We have jobs, social obligations, and other things that make it tough for us to be there to greet the delivery person. So if you can’t be there to receive your parcel, Singapore-based ecommerce logistics startup NinjaVan will let you pick it up yourself, like the old days.

Well, not exactly.

NinjaVan today announced Ninja Collect, an extension of its last-mile ecommerce delivery service for Singapore. The idea is, Ninja Van leaves your order at a drop-off point that’s close to your location, and you go and pick it up at your leisure. The drop-off points are available across the city-state and can either be secure lockers, called Ninja Boxes, or partner retail stores, called Ninja Points.


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