Pilot project in Nuremberg: can micro-depots revolutionise the last mile?

  • DPD in Germany participates in intelligent city logistics field trial
  • Pilot project led by Nuremberg Institute of Technology
  • Support from Bavaria’s state government, the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Nuremberg

Nuremberg, 11 April 2016 – City logistics 2.0 in Nuremberg: under the scientific leadership of the Nuremberg Institute of Techology CEP service providers DPD and GLS are testing the use of micro-depots and transport bikes in the city centre and in a residential district of the city. The project is supported by Bavaria’s Interior Ministry, the Nuremberg Chamber of Commerce for Central Franconia, and the City of Nuremberg. The pilot project was officially launched in Nuremberg last Friday. 

The aim of the ‘pilot project for sustainable city logistics featuring CEP services based on the micro-depot concept in Nuremberg’ is to develop innovative solutions for the so-called ‘last mile’ and then test them in practice. In two geographically separate field trials, parcels destined for retailers and consumers are to be deposited in centrally located containers, vehicles or buildings. From there the parcel couriers use emissions-free alternatives such as transport bikes or hand trucks, which effectively reduces the impact of traffic on busy inner-city areas.

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