Punctual letter and parcel deliveries


In 2014, Swiss Post again achieved very high on-time delivery levels for letters and parcels: 97.7 percent of A Mail letters and 99.0 percent of B Mail letters reached their recipients within the promised period of time. For parcels, 97.4 percent of all PostPac Priority and 97.5 percent of all PostPac Economy parcels arrived on time. These scores exceed the requirements of the directives set by postal legislation.

Last year, Swiss Post processed over 2.2 billion addressed letters. 97.7 percent of all A Mail letters were delivered on time, while 99.0 percent of all B Mail letters arrived on schedule. As in previous years, the scores achieved are at a very high level. With investments in modern technology such as new scanners for delivery personnel as well as in staff training, Swiss Post is ensuring the reliability of the physical letter in the future, too.

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