Romantics sweet on postmarks from four unique offices

Jan. 29, 2015

Ottawa (Ont.) – For thousands of romantics around the world, a post office by any other name would never be as sweet. And it’s because of them that postmasters at four Canadian outlets are doing double time in these weeks before Valentine’s Day.

Lovelorn letter writers covet postal markings that bear the names of Love, Saint-Valentin, Cupids, and Heart’s Content – all Canadian places with post offices that use the community name to cancel stamps. A cancellation is a postal marking applied on a stamp to prevent its re-use.

Love letters and cards from across Canada and all corners of the world are already arriving.

Love (Sask.): The Love post office has been serving the community since 1935 and making a romantic statement since 1984 when the first cancel was created. The village is home to fewer than 100 people, and local postmaster Connie Black-Sturby takes great pride in her work, especially at this time of year. Tell your love to someone by sending a card through Love, Saskatchewan.

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