Royal Mail celebrates lunar new year on special unique sheet

(18 February 2015)To mark the Lunar New Year, the Year of the Sheep, Royal Mail has issued a limited-edition stamp sheet available in selected Post Offices across the UK. Twenty First Class fireworks stamps feature alongside labels of intricate designs and iconic imagery relevant to the Lunar New Year.

The sheet contains five images of past Lunar New Year celebrations in the UK cities of Belfast, Cambridge, Sheffield, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Set against a red background, a colour synonymous with good fortune in China, the sheet also contains vibrant images of five elemental sheep types: metal, earth, fire, wood and water.

Other images include Chinese lanterns, firecrackers, Chinese textiles, a temple roof and tangerines. The fruit is a symbol of good luck, often displayed in homes and shops.

The Year of the Sheep commences on 19 February with celebrations continuing into the weekend.

Philip Parker, Royal Mail spokesperson, said: “Across the UK each year, the Lunar New Year celebrations get even more exciting and extravagant. Our stamp sheet is visually striking and we hope that it will make a great contribution to the 2015 celebrations marking the Year of the Sheep.”


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