RPX Company Profile

RPX is a leading Global provider of express courier services offering a complete solution to all of your logistic and air transportation needs. With decades of experience in the logistics industry and our extensive global network, we deliver high quality personalised services to meet even the toughest jobs with the fastest delivery times available.

We deliver to Worldwide destinations via established service partners primarily using the Cathay Pacific and Dragonair networks as our backbone. RPX offers multiple services ranging from Emergency and Specialised Air Transportation solutions to Classic Express Courier services. Our top-tier service – RPX Platinum (Emergency and Time Critical Solutions) – targets critical shipments, such as vital documents, commercial prototypes and essential electronic parts of any size. Our staff are available 24 hours a day to accompany the cargo on its flight. Our advanced routing network ensures cargo is transported in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, while our automated shipment allows you to track your cargo at every stage of delivery in real time.

Furthermore, our advanced technological infrastructure driven by our IT system, SAM (Shipping Activity Manager) allows our global network to remain fully connected, providing offices and clients with a real time messaging and tracking for all shipments ensuring that our global communications and efficiency is second to none.

  • Worldwide courier network with owned logistics hubs in over 20 countries and affiliated in many more.
  • Global Courier Specialists.
  • Decades of global experience.
  • One of the largest independent delivery networks in China.
  • Global delivery service capabilities.
  • Unrivalled range of premium products delivery options.
  • Dedicated 24 hour customer service support.
  • Tailor-made services.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Perfectly coordinated transport steps.
  • Continuous monitoring of the entire transportation process.
  • Time critical & Emergency solutions.
  • Express Courier – Samples & Heavy Shipments.
  • Instant dispatch.
  • Price sensitive products.
  • Pharma/Bio shipments.
  • Courier Imports.
  • Cold Chain shipping.

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