Safexpress Value & Strategy

“To revolutionize the Supply Chain & Logistics industry in India and consequently contribute to the growth of our economy. By way of our unsurpassable expertise in providing Value-added Supply Chain & Logistics services, we will enhance our ‘Knowledge Leadership’ and ‘Market Leadership'”.
“We shall adopt and internalize a work culture which demonstrates a ‘We Can We Will’ attitude to reflect in our daily responsibilities so as to far exceed our objectives, consistently striving towards market dominance. We will create historical landmarks forming a strong edifice for the future overcoming all obstacles proactively, as our personal responsibility and commitments are to create delight for the customer with impeccable personalized services”.
Value – Our Culture of Respect
  • We believe in nurturing a healthy Relationship with our people, partners and customers.
  • We constantly strive to Evolve from an ‘Effort-based Organization’ to a ‘Result-based Organization’.
  • We ensure that our Self-Discipline allows a complete ownership and accountability of our work as well as com pliance to our policies and processes.
  • We take a deep sense of Pride in what we do and for our organization.
  • We Explore unchartered territories and by continually seeking Knowledge.
  • We are Custodians of our, and our customers’ goods and resources.
  • We believe in the power of Talk in dealing with any situation.

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