SkyNet Worldwide Express Service: Special Services

Extended liability
We understand the need to offer and deliver high quality services specifically tailored to the requirements of our customers.
In addition to our standard terms of liability, SkyNet Worldwide Express can offer extended liability arrangements in the event of loss or damage to your shipment. Extended liability can be arranged for both parcels and documents although conditions may apply according the destination and content of the shipment. The cost of extended liability is 2.5 per cent of the replacement value with a minimum cost of £10.00.

Worldwide Onboard Courier
When nothing less than a dedicated desk to desk hand delivery will do, SkyNet Worldwide Express will provide an experienced Onboard Courier to carry your shipment and deliver it personally to your customer.

E-Mail Shots
Through our superb IT team, we offer an excellent range of services including E-Mail shots.

Archive retrieval
Our logistics centres offer secure storage of documents and speedy retrieval and delivery to our customers offices.

Dangerous Goods
SkyNet Worldwide Express has many years of experience in the handling and carriage of dangerous goods and employs qualified specialists to provide professional advice and to ensure that shipments are handled and shipped in strict accordance with the regulations by Road and Air.

At SkyNet Worldwide Express we recognise the importance of proper packaging a packing to ensure that our customers shipments arrive with their customer in good condition.
For those shipments that are more fragile and require professional packing we provide excellent services.

For professional advice and a quotation click here to contact us or call +44 (0) 20 8538 1988.

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