TNT offers CO2 neutral domestic express delivery in Germany at no additional charge

Publish Date : 14 January 2015 08:30 CET –

Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Troisdof, Germany

TNT is now offering CO2 neutral delivery of all express domestic consignments in Germany at no additional charge. The initiative will help SMEs and large customers alike mitigate their environmental impact.

CO2 neutral shipping works in two steps: TNT first measures how much CO2 emissions are produced when transporting its customers’ consignments, then neutralises these emissions with an equivalent amount of CO2 credits. TNT exclusively uses CO2 credits from renewable energy projects that meet Gold Standard requirements. An external auditor (SGS) verifies the process. TNT’s CO2 calculation methodology fully complies with the European Norm EN16258.

Customers can also opt for CO2 Neutral for their international consignments. By doing so, they will receive a yearly certificate specifying the amount of CO2 that TNT has neutralised on their behalf. TNT’s European Road Network provides businesses with services to help drive down CO2 emissions directly when compared to air transportation.


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