Toll Group in Australia

Toll in Australia has grown from a single horse cart founded by Albert Toll in 1888 to a major integrated logistics provider with an Asia Pacific focus and a global reach. Australia is home to the Toll Holdings headquarters, a major logistics company operating within Australia.

We are an Asia Pacific focused company with the global reach, the resources, the expertise and the drive to deliver optimal logistics solutions to our customers.

We serve domestic and international markets. Our logistics capability includes:

  • Express Services
  • Freight Transport Services
  • Warehouse Services
  • Remote & Resource Logistics
  • Offshore & Onshore Logistics
  • Supply Chain Consultancy
  • Distribution Services
  • Contingency and Emergency Response
  • Port & Maritime Services
  • Airport & Aviation Services
  • Business Services

Our services have grown from more than 125 years of operating in the logistics industry, from a single horse and cart operation to a logistics partner of choice for thousands of businesses around the world.

We work towards providing our customers with an unrivalled set of global supply chain capabilities with the ability to grow and adapt to meet changing market demands.

Technology plays an important role in our commitment to continuous improvement, enabling us to delivery transparent and responsive services – hallmarks of the Toll services offering.

We utilise various technologies in our delivery, warehousing and consultancy operations from track and trace through to RFID and inventory management software and wherever necessary our systems are integrated into our customers’ allowing for service transparency.

Here at Toll we continue to evolve, growing our service reaches and capability across the globe – contact us to see how we are working in your location and whether we can help meet your logistics needs.

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