UPS Expands Special Commodities Program to More Countries

Atlanta, March 05, 2015

Service for shipping biological samples, specimens and dangerous goods in excepted quantities now available in more than 50 nations

UPSĀ® (NYSE: UPS) today announced a major expansion to its International Special Commodities (ISC) program. Now, customers can ship biological substances, dangerous goods in excepted quantities and shipments utilizing dry ice via UPS to more than 20 additional international destinations.

The expansion is a direct response to a growing demand from biopharmaceutical manufacturers, diagnostics companies, laboratories and distributors to ship these specialized commodities when security, time and temperature control are a high priority.

“The UPS global transportation network has been enhanced to move biological specimens to and from more than 50 countries around the world,” said John Menna, UPS vice president of global strategy, healthcare logistics. “The expanded program was guided by our customers to include the locations that are most important to them.”

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