2GO Services: Asset Maintenance

Our highly qualified technical teams allow us to provide container yard (CY)  and tank management as well as maintenance and repair of refrigerated transport equipment.

Services include:

  • Dry container repair
  • Dry container storage
  • Dry container handling
  • Isotank storage and repair
  • Isotank cleaning
  • Isotank surveying
  • Isotank periodic testing
  • Monitoring of reefer equipment performance
  • Pre-trip inspections of reefer vans

To ensure we apply the best practices, our container yard is equipped with a water treatment facility accredited by the Laguna Lake Development Authority. We also utilize IT systems to provide updated information and reports on repairs, data processing and billing.

With the most experienced personnel in the chemical isotank and refrigerated transport industries, we pro-actively work to maintain the overall performance and prolong the useful life of your assets.

For inquiries regarding isotank and CY management, please call

(+632) 521-7109.

For inquiries regarding reefer equipment maintenance, please call our Customer Service (+632) 77-99-222.

You may also email [email protected].

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