2GO Services: Delivery and Transportation

Drawing on our integrated in-house capabilities, we always find the right solution to meet your delivery & transportation needs. We provide the flexibility to send anything from money to temperature-controlled goods throughout the Philippines and beyond.

You can send money on the same day or overnight door-to-door to any destination nationwide because we understand the importance of getting money to where it’s needed.

We provide the flexibility of delivering your documents door-to-door nationwide.

We guarantee fast, reliable and secure delivery of letters and important documents. We provide a full range of courier services door-to-door nationwide.

Send a variety of items, from personal effects to gadgets, overnight and door-to-door with our pouches or boxes.

In partnership with UPS, we give you the best option for international delivery of parcels. We offer delivery to numerous worldwide destinations.

We provide full container (FCL) and loose cargo (LCL) movement throughout the country with optional pick-up and delivery service straight from your factory or warehouse to your designated delivery point.

We can handle a variety of cargo types: from dry cargo to liquids to temperature-sensitive products.

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