2Ship shipping solution now offers quicker access to Purolator shipping services

TORONTO, March 17, 2015 – Purolator is pleased to announce that 2Ship Solutions recently expanded its integration of Purolator’s E-Ship® Web Services to include capabilities specifically designed for commercial use. This upgrade enables 2Ship to provide its customers with faster access to Purolator’s shipping services, empowering businesses to manage their shipping and logistics needs through a single website.

“Purolator continues to invest in technology to easily integrate Purolator E-Ship Web Services into partners’ solutions so they can extend our shipping services to their customers,” said Ramsey Mansour, Vice President, Marketing, Purolator. “2Ship is the first online shipping solution certified to offer customers seamless access to Purolator shipping capabilities through our new commercial web services, helping users save time and enjoy an integrated shipping experience.”

“We’re thrilled that we can now set up our customers with access to Purolator accounts and services through an automated registration process. 2Ship is all about ease and automation, and being able to offer our customers instant access to their Purolator accounts and services is just one more step in simplifying shipping for our clients,” said Russ Proos, President and CEO, 2Ship. “Our customers gain instant access to shipping, tracking, pricing, return-label creation, pickup scheduling and the works as soon as their account is added to 2Ship.”

Enhancements of Purolator’s E-Ship Web Services and their integration into third-party platforms and solutions, such as 2Ship, represent Purolator’s focus on innovation and technology. These solutions form part of a suite of initiatives and investments Purolator is acting on to maintain its leadership position and meet the evolving needs of companies doing business in Canada.

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