ABF Freight Receives SmartWay Excellence Award from Environmental Protection Agency

  • Award recognizes top program performers and leaders for freight supply chain and environmental sustainability
  • ABF Freight honored during American Trucking Associations Management Conference

Fort Smith, Arkansas, October 8, 2014 – ABF Freightsm, an ArcBest company, has been awarded a SmartWay Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which lauded the carrier as a “true industry leader in freight supply chain environmental performance and energy efficiency.”

“ABF Freight was a pioneer in adopting fleet efficiency and sustainability measures that are now seen as proven methods for promoting a greener supply chain. We do it because it’s good business, and it’s gratifying to see our efforts recognized by the EPA,” said ABF Freight President and CEO Roy Slagle. “ABF Freight continues to pursue environmental innovations and practices designed to enhance environmental performance and efficiency. For example, we limit our trucks to a top speed of 62 mph and prohibit discretionary engine idling. As a result, every ABF Freight truck emits significantly fewer tons of carbon dioxide. Also, we have reduced fuel consumption and enhanced operational efficiency through best practices that include a strictly followed equipment maintenance and replacement program.”

The SmartWay Transport Partnership was launched in 2004. During the past 10 years, SmartWay Partners have saved a reported 120.7 million barrels of oil and $16.8 billion in fuel costs, the EPA reports. SmartWay’s clean air achievements (51.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, 738,000 tons of nitrogen oxide and 37,000 tons of particulate matter emissions avoided) help to protect the well-being of citizens.

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