APC Postal Logistics International Mail Services

For expedited delivery of international mail throughout the world, APC Postal Logistics has developed a proprietary, worldwide logistics network. If you are mailing statements, magazines, books, journals, catalogs, direct mail or small parcels, APC Postal Logistics can help you meet your on-time delivery requirements and budgetary objectives.

Priority International
If you are sending time sensitive material that requires rush handling, Priority International delivers to all countries in 3-7 business days. Priority International is comparable to but less expensive than USPS Airmail.

Standard International
For mail that is less time sensitive, Standard International is a consistent, reliable, and economical alternative. This service delivers to all countries in 7-14 business days. Standard International is comparable to but less expensive than USPS International Surface Airlift (ISAL).

Direct Entry
When you want to create the appearance of a local mailing in a foreign country, Direct Entry can help. APC Postal Logistics will provide a local postmark and, if necessary, a local return address. Direct Entry mailing helps to increase response rates in foreign markets around the world. Direct entry is available as either First Class Air or Standard Air services. Please contact us for country specific details.

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