Asendia Nordic successfully organised for the second time the seminar E-handel 2.0 in Stockholm, Sweden

This year’s tagline was ‘The digital boundaries’. Around 100 visitors were eager to hear about tips and tricks from doers, trendsetters, and facilitators within e-commerce. Seven speakers talked during 3.5 hours about e-commerce from different angles and shared their best practice and success stories, among them the doers Bubbleroom, Dustin, Apotea and

Bubbleroom wants to be 100 % right for 30 % of the women, not the other way around. They just opened their first physical store after several years of an online presence. Dustin sends 1.3 million packets per year and their answer is no to the question if e-commerce erases the borders between B2B and B2C. There are, however, synergies that need to be considered. Apotea, a web-based pharmacy, offers a wide range of articles at a lower price than in the traditional stores. That is a winning concept. was happy when the terms M-commerce and Omni channel popped up. Finally, there was a name for what they had been doing for years already.

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