Chronopost presents 1-year review of Interactive Delivery

11 March 2015 – Chronopost presents 1-year review of Interactive Delivery at One to One e-commerce event in Monaco

In February 2013, Chronopost, the French specialist in the express delivery of parcels weighing under 30 kg, launched “Interactive Delivery”, a service integrated into the MyChrono solution. As a result, Chronopost became the very first distributor in France to offer an interactive service for rescheduling deliveries before delivery drivers make their call for the first time. The new service aimed to boost customer satisfaction and the number of deliveries made first time, thereby creating a new benchmark in the express delivery sector.

A year down the line, Chronopost has issued the first assessment of the service which has changed the face of express deliveries as we know it. Initial feedback is very positive, since 3,000 e-tailers have already been won over by the Interactive Delivery solution. Very positive feedback has also been received from online shoppers, since addressees rated the service 8.6/10 and gave a satisfaction rating of 8.2/10*.

Moreover, 94% of users surveyed said they would use the service again in the future and 25% said they had already talked about or recommended the service to friends and family. Furthermore, 93% of users believe that interactive delivery effectively boosts the image of e-retailers offering the service since it is synonymous with a modern, serious, efficient and customer-oriented service.


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