UPS Recommends Rejection of ‘Mini-Tender’ Offer from TRC Capital Corporation

Atlanta, March 12, 2015

UPS (NYSE: UPS) has received notice of an unsolicited “mini-tender” offer by TRC Capital Corporation to purchase up to 1,500,000 shares of UPS’s Class B common stock, or approximately 0.2% of the outstanding Class B shares as of February 18, 2015. TRC Capital’s unsolicited “mini-tender” offer price of $95.25 per share is approximately 4.4% below the $99.67 per share closing price of UPS’s Class B common stock on March 12, 2015.

UPS is issuing this press release in an effort to ensure that UPS shareowners are made aware of the potential adverse consequences of participating in the TRC offer. The company wants shareowners to be well informed so they are able to make prudent decisions about their share ownership.

UPS does not endorse this unsolicited “mini-tender” offer and recommends that shareowners reject the offer and do not tender their shares for the following reasons.

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