DPD DE reduces CO2 emissions

Conversion to environmentally-friendly LED lighting: DPD reduces CO2 emissions

Throughout Germany 33 of 76 depots have already switched to LED lighting technology

Investment of over 800,000 euros leads to savings of more than 1700 tonnes of CO2 annually

Further locations will gradually convert to LED technology

Aschaffenburg, 21 January 2015 

International parcel and express service provider DPD has equipped 33 of its 76 parcel sorting centres in Germany with energy-efficient LED lighting. Compared to the lighting equipment which was previously used – for the most part fluorescent tubes – the LED lamps will reduce emissions which damage the environment by cutting more than 1700 tonnes of CO2 per year. DPD has invested over 800,000 euros in the new technology.

“Lighting the sorting halls is among the major sources of energy consumption at DPD’s branches”, explains Gerd Seber, Manager Sustainability & Innovation at DPD GeoPost (Deutschland) GmbH. “The conversion to LED technology will lead directly to a significant reduction in the CO2 emissions produced by the individual locations. By making the switch DPD will save not just energy but will also have to offset fewer harmful emissions in order to achieve carbon-neutral parcel shipping.” Since 2012 DPD has provided carbon-neutral transport for all parcels, at no additional cost to the customer. DPD contributes to certified climate protection projects in order to compensate for those CO2 emissions which can’t be offset by measures such as converting to LED lighting.

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