DPD in Germany and NKD top the one-million parcels mark

  • The one-millionth parcel is delivered less than a year after the start of the partnership
  • Pickup parcelshops in more than 1,300 German NKD branches extend the service range for both shippers and consignees
  • Down-to-the-minute forecast of the delivery time for shipments sent directly to parcel shops 

Bindlach / Aschaffenburg, 14 April 2016 – Just under one year from the launch of the strategic parcel-shop partnership between DPD and NKD in Germany, the companies are registering growing parcel volumes. This is confirmed by the fact that the one-millionth parcel has now been delivered via the Pickup parcelshops in over 1,300 branches of NKD. There are DPD parcel shops in every German branch of NKD, one of the country’s largest clothing retailers. At the Pickup parcelshops NKD customers can not only hand in parcels for shipping – they are also increasingly using them as collection points for their parcels. In addition the branches of NKD are also important locations for handing in parcels which are to be returned.

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