Estes Invests in New Equipment to Upgrade Fleet Performance and Efficiency

RICHMOND, Virginia—Estes Express Lines, a premier freight transportation provider, has recently made a significant investment in a full range of new equipment to improve and update its fleet of more than 6,500 tractors and 24,000 trailers. The new equipment includes 980 15-liter diesel engine tractors of various makes and models, including 165 sleepers. The total investment will allow the company to retire 140 units that have averaged over 140,000 miles per year and repurpose more than 200 units that have run over 900,000 miles.

Estes is also adding 830 new 53-foot trailers and retrofitting almost 900 of the fleet’s existing vans and pups with the company’s proprietary “Webb Wall” captive beam systems. Also, as part of the upgrade campaign, the company will be installing trailer skirts on more than 6,700 company trailers by the end of the year. Trailer skirts are proven to help increase fuel economy by reducing aerodynamic drag.

“At Estes, we enable enhanced operating performance by continually investing in our drivers as well as in the condition of the fleet,” commented Mike Palmer, Estes Vice President of Fleet Services.


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