Greater data protection: SIMSme now with self-destructing voice messages

Bonn 12/17/2014

  • Improved layout and design for Deutsche Post messenger
  • Unlock function using Touch ID now available for iOS
  • Performance and stability further enhanced for Android

With its newly acquired license to delete, the latest update to Deutsche Post’s secure messenger, SIMSme, now also provides the opportunity to record, send and destroy voice messages. Simply by holding their cell phone to their ear or pressing the microphone symbol, smartphone users can now send a voice message via the simple user interface to friends or colleagues without having to type lengthy texts with both hands. From the very launch of the messaging service, text messages, photos and videos could be assigned an expiry date or countdown and destroyed – and this function is now also available for voice messages.

Data such as private messages, photos or videos, user contact data or other sensitive information should not fall into the wrong hands – which is why the app is password-protected. In the iOS version, SIMSme can now be unlocked with a thumbprint using Touch ID.


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