India Post Media Post Introduction

India Post offers an unique media concept to help the Indian corporate and the Government organizations reach potential customers through Media Post. Creative, cost-effective and personalized , it is over packed . Absolutely no other media can match the sheer expanse of India Post in terms of volume and reach. Media Post – an innovative & effective vehicle for Brand and Marketing managers to communicate their corporate messages across the nation.

Now, your brand could take the fast track and reach the masses at a low cost with Media Post.

Extensive Reach

India Post delivers 1,575 crore mails every year linking every nook and corner of the country through a network of 1,54,149 post offices and 5,64,701 Letter Boxes. You can use the following for your branding exercise.

Advertisement on postcards, letters, aerogrammes, postal stationary etc.
Space sponsorship options on letter boxes.


India Post handles more than 3000 million pieces of unregistered mail every year, reaching out to million of households in the country and the world. Every time a person sends or receives a postcard, an inland letter or an envelope, he gets to see your logo or your message. The Aerogramme even gives you the opportunity to make a global impact.

Language no Barrier

Postcards, Inland Letters and Money Order Forms can carry your message in any Indian language or in English. Aerogramme will carry your message in English only.

Colours of Your Choice

On Aerogramme and Postcards, the printing can be done in four colors of your choice.

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