JCEX Consolidation Service Introduction

Relying on the good international cross-border cargo logistics Limited by Share Ltd to provide global business network, cloud platform information system, cross-border clearance channel three supporting elements, providing international logistics, postal parcel, express a full range of services to customers, and solve the cross-border logistics problems.

The company has long maintained close business relationship with many customers at home and abroad, keep the contract rate agreement with many shipping companies and airlines, through advanced e-business technology, can be achieved online in the set of goods, cargo tracking, freight forwarding, shipping and cargo delivery, etc. in one of the cargo service quality. Since 2014, has become the Alibabas rookie global free cross-border intelligent logistics backbone network, Zhejiang products group (Fortune 500) products through cross-border electronic business platform, the Commerce Department of Zhejiang province cross trade export cloud “public service platform project to cross-border logistics supplier.