Purolator and Tangentia provide shipping services through NetSuite ERP system and NetSuite SuiteCommerce platform

Feb. 9, 2016 – Purolator is pleased to announce that it can now offer its leading shipping services through the NetSuite ERP enterprise resource planning solution as a result of the company’s partnership with Tangentia.

Tangentia has developed and certified its Purolator E-Commerce Connectors for integration into e-commerce platforms. Its solution uses Purolator’s E-Ship® Web Services specifically designed for commercial use and allows customers to easily integrate Purolator’s shipping services into the NetSuite ERP.

“Through our continued work with Tangentia, we are helping more businesses accelerate their e-commerce strategies by providing greater flexibility and more options for the management of purchasing, order fulfilment, shipping and returns online,” said Mike Coté, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Purolator. “This work with Tangentia is part of our continued focus on supporting our customers’ need to seamlessly integrate our shipping solutions into e-commerce platforms to help grow their businesses.”

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