SingPost Celebrates Singapore’s 50th Birthday With A Special SG50 Slogan Every Month!

Singapore, 11 January 2015 – Singapore turns 50 this year! For a small nation with scarce resources, Singapore has successfully transformed itself into an urban metropolis, financial and maritime hub. Singapore’s postal services have also significantly transformed. From a government body to a public listed company in 2003, Singapore Post (SingPost) has been consciously evolving itself to cater to ever-changing customer needs and lifestyles. Its vision is to be a regional leader in ecommerce logistics and trusted communications.

To commemorate SG50 and major historical milestones, SingPost will roll out a series of 12 special slogans depicting Singaporeans’ unique and fun traits, values and characteristics.

Stamped letter mail for each month will be imprinted with these special slogans which include the SG50 logo from the 15th day to the end of the month. The illustrations for these special slogans series, which are designed by stamp designer Mr Wong Wui Kong, are based on a design concept of “heart”, “smile” and “SG50 logo”. Wui Kong said: “The heart expresses our love for Singapore. The SG50 logo indicates that it is our nation’s 50th birthday while the smile shows that it is a joyous celebration”. These special slogans will appeal to collectors and Singaporeans alike.

Said Mr Woo Keng Leong, Senior Executive Vice President/Head of Postal Services: “Singaporeans are a very passionate people. We love our country and treasure our multiracial and multi-cultural heritage which can be seen in daily interactions and festive celebrations. These special slogans are a great way of highlighting the essence of being Singaporean. As we come together this year to celebrate our nation’s 50th birthday, it is a good reminder that we all have a part to play in making and shaping Singapore our home.”


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