Diversified first stamp issue for 2015


Swiss Post has come up with an exclusive «Ammonite» miniature sheet for the first stamp issue of 2015. The relief-style, multi-layer embossing brings to life the image of the fossilized remains of the squid family’s distant relatives. It is produced with a special perforation and as a limited edition. Other stamp motifs include the Milan Expo 2015 World Exposition as well as Avenches’ 2000th anniversary and St. Maurice Abbey’s 1500th anniversary. The latest collection is rounded off with the Rhine Falls, two anniversaries in the Federal Administration, the battles at Morgarten and Marignano, as well as the new «Pets» stamp series.

In its latest stamp issue, Swiss Post is dedicating an exclusive, limited edition miniature sheet to ammonites. The ammonites, relatives of the squid family, first appeared around 400 million years ago and populated all the oceans of the world. They died out around 65 million years ago, at the same time as the dinosaurs. Scientists estimate that there were around about 20,000 different types of ammonite. We can still find ammonite fossils today – in Switzerland they are most commonly found in the Jura. In order to effectively and realistically depict the ammonites on the miniature sheet they were produced using multi-layer embossing and special perforation.

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