GeoPost presents its development strategy andlaunches its new international brand identity: DPDgroup

18 March 2015 – GeoPost, holding of the French Le Groupe La Poste, has presented itsdevelopment strategy for Europe and across the world. To support stronggrowth in all its markets, GeoPost is developing its B2B / B2C hybrid networkand today unveils its new international commercial brand identity: DPDgroup.

Paul-Marie Chavanne, President of GeoPost, presented the main themes of the activity in2014; a very dynamic year that saw company turnover increase by 13.3% to €4.9 billion anda volume increase of 10.7%. GeoPost confirms its Number 2 position in the EuropeanCourier Express and Parcels (CEP) market.

Over the past 10 years, GeoPost volumes have multiplied by more than 2.5 times to 864million parcels in 2014 and turnover has risen from 2.4 to 4.9 billion euros.

In 2014, GeoPost continued its development in France, Europe and worldwide

In 2014, GeoPost strengthened its positions in European markets


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