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Philatelic Stamps:
Postage stamp, which began as a piece of paper in token of receipt of postge, has assumed additional dimensions. It is a mode of commemorating, celebrating and promoting national heritage and events.

Philatelic stamps are designed and printed with greater aesthetic inputs and are manufactured in limited quantities and generate an interest among philatelists and collectors. These stamps were traditionally made available through Philatelic Bureaus. With a view to ensure the availability of philatelic stamps to interested persons in a hassle free manner, Department has introduced online sale of philatelic stamps.

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Weaves of Varanasi:
A “pilot” initiative of Department of Posts and Snapdeal has been launched in Varanasi. It envisages a joint collaboration by providing for a platform for small businesses/weavers to enable them to sell their products online.

Under this pilot scheme, the weavers/domestic manufacturers of Varanasi silk products will be able to showcase their products through the Snapdeal portal with the help of Department of Posts and they would be helped in the end to end transaction of their products i.e. from registration to receipt of the money from the customer. The customers would also benefit by reaching out to the weavers directly.

This initiative envisages developing scalability and sustainability for inclusion and mainstreaming artisans and small businesses to the e commerce market through the post offices.

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