JCEX Freight Express Service Introduction

A good international logistics Limited by Share Ltd after years of market development, maintain good cooperation relationship with many shipping companies, airlines, the actual situation and the cooperation of customer goods of aviation and shipping companies the advantage of routes combined provide reasonable logistics solutions to customers.

Good international can undertake international maritime import and export, international cargo import and export cargo transport agency business, as well as cross-border electricity supplier logistics services, including: quotation, booking, warehousing, transshipment containers, LCL, customs clearance, insurance, import and export agent, international purchasing, export related documentation, goods dynamic query related ancillary services, short distance transport services and international transportation consulting business. The company has many years of complete and sincere service and professional international freight forwarding logistics experience, so that Cheng Cheng International has been the majority of customers trust and recognition.

sea freight

Marine container
At present, Jia Cheng International opened the fight cabinet routes:

Straight lines: Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Qingdao, Xiamen and other ports.

Route: Hongkong, Taiwan, near the line of Japan and South Korea, Australia and Southeast Asia countries.

Ocean line: ground European, North American, Middle East and Africa India Pakistan line line.

In addition, in addition to providing LCL services, in the world multi port, we can also provide customers with door-to-door DDP, DDU, EXW and other services.

A good international corporation based in Shanghai, with branch offices in Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Xiamen, Tianjin, COSCO, MSC, CSAV operation, MAERSK, APL, OOCL, CSCL, PIL, CMA, EMC, K-LINE, YML, NYK, DELMAS, IRISL, UASC and many other shipping companies booking cabin service, freight and shipping can be provided to the ocean, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Middle East, South America, North America, South Africa, West Africa, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and other competitive routes. In addition, Cheng Cheng international from booking to customs declaration, domestic transportation, packing, packing, fumigation and other processes have professional staff responsible for the whole process, to provide you with professional and quality services.

international air transport

With the development of business, the international air transport department is actively preparing for the domestic and international airports branch. And has more than 50 agents around the world, can do for customers in the export of DDP/DDU/EXW and import agent clearance goods on the provision of great convenience.

Domestically, it has independent import and export warehouses and offices at Shanghai Pudong Airport, BeiJing Capital Airport, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport and Shenzhen Baoan Airport.

Beyond seas。 A good international and Holland Royal aviation, Luxemburg airlines, Lufthansa, Italy airlines, Asiana Airlines, Emirates Airlines, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Dragonair, American Airlines and other airlines to maintain good long-term relations of cooperation, can provide preferential tariffsand sufficientspacetobe for the import and export enterprises. In Europe, the Americas, India and the central and Eastern lines, and Southeast Asia have great advantages.

In addition, with good international customs supervision warehouse in the regulatory area, specifically to store the import and export of goods, the customs system and real-time networking, can pass the customs information in the first time, with the goods barcode as the benchmark, to fully implement the information management of the goods. And, in the non supervision area warehouse for storage of import and export goods, to provide warehousing, board for packaging, labeling and other additional services, to better the customers at home and abroad to provide perfect service guarantee.