JNE Express Division serves package and document time-sensitive delivery for domestic destination through more than 1,500 points of exclusive services, starting with picking up until home delivery throughout Indonesia. Utilizing the fastest available transportation mode, serving different kinds of requests depending on the customers’ needs.


For time sensitive delivery which demands optimal security, JNE prepares special officers to always hand carry using the fastest transportation mode. This service, known as ‘DIPLOMAT’, lets strict control conducted by our officer be in effect, from picking up in the sender’s location until handing over at the receiver’s.

Super Speed (SS)

The Customers normally have time sensitive deliveries and must be immediately departed beyond JNE’s normal schedule and fixed route, may take advantages of ‘SUPER SPEED’ (SS) service. This service utilizes air (direct flight) or land transportation mode directly to the destination, as long as the flight schedule is available. The targeted time of delivery through SS service is within 24 hours since the picking up at the sender’s location.

Sure To Arrive Tomorrow (YES)

JNE anticipates the need of targeted delivery by next day by offering a one-day premium delivery service called Yakin Esok Sampai (Sure to Arrive Tomorrow) or YES. And, as to commit with its responsibility for the service quality, JNE guarantees the money back (freight) in case the delivery doesn’t take place by the next day.


Realizing the lifestyle of modern dynamic communities as well as the importance values of effectiveness and efficiency, JNE, through its REGULAR service offers speed, safe and reliable delivery to reach any remote area of Indonesia. JNE’s wide network and professional service have been proven to be the proper support against the business world in order to distribute their products as well as to improve their competing power.

Economic Freight  (OKE)

Especially for shipment of large and heavy cargo, JNE offers a service called Ongkos Kirim Ekonomis (Economic Freight) or OKE. This economic-price service takes the benefit of Air and Land Cargo transportation modes, connecting big cities, capitals of provinces down to the districts’.


In the current era of progressive, keep faster information and communication technologies, business and trading transaction also demand for fast delivery quality. The speed in delivery is not only needed, but it is also an obligation. Through Intra city Division, JNE offers courier service with one quality of service, namely, a delivery on the same day (same day service). JNE Intracity Service is available in every large city all across Indonesia. This new approach concept is to respond the needs of the people of modern cities against the needs of the communities living in modern cities. The shipment management system with this concept demands high discipline, which can be given to JNE well trained officers and supported by multi-layered quality control system.

BADAK (Bulk Document  Delivery)

For shipment in bulk and dedicated to different big cities, JNE offers a service called BADAK, a service pattern for single sender with destinations in big cities of Indonesia. Only with certain minimum number of document shipment per city, the consumer is able to take advantage of service at this very competitive price. Besides, JNE also offers additional services, such as insertion and or labeling. Equipped with daily receipt reporting system, JNE can prove that all BADAK shipment are well monitored, since  the time it’s sent  until it reach the destination.

PELIKAN (Single Document Delivery)

To urban people, case of document shipment from one corner of the city to another is a minor thing often becomes very disturbing when the weather condition and traffic jam is still unpredictable. JNE offers a prepaid envelop called ‘PELIKAN’, An A4-size envelop capable to accommodate documents up to 1 kilogram of weight is prepared in every JNE counter in the big cities. Delivery time of PELIKAN service is on the same workday, as long as the documents are already received in JNE Sorting Center in the related city before the predetermined limit time (cut-off time).

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