Special stamp issue – “Year of the Ram”

9 January 2015 – Hongkong Post today (January 9) announced that a set of special stamps entitled “Year of the Ram” will be released for sale with associated philatelic products on January 24 (Saturday).

The Chinese zodiac, represented by 12 animals, is an integral part of Chinese traditional culture. Its profound significance to Chinese folk arts and crafts can be illustrated by the wide adoption of zodiac signs in a large number of artworks since ancient times. As the Year of the Ram will begin in 2015, Hongkong Post is presenting the fourth Lunar New Year special stamp issue in the fourth series, featuring a set of four stamps portraying rams in different art forms to highlight the theme of the Year of the Ram. A silk stamp sheetlet will also be released to mark the joyous occasion.

In addition, Hongkong Post will release the first issue in the second series of “Silver Hot Foil Lunar New Year Animal Stamps – Dragon/Snake/Horse/Ram” and the third issue in the second series of “Gold and Silver Stamp Sheetlet on Lunar New Year Animals – Horse/Ram” to celebrate the Spring Festival.

Two Heartwarming Stamps (2015 Version) “Year of the Ram” mini-panes, which will adopt the respective designs of the $1.70 and $3.70 mint stamps in the “Year of the Ram” special stamp issue of 2015, will also be released for sale at all philatelic offices from January 24.

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